Snoop’s Dream Strain – An Uplifting, Hybrid Strain from Snoop Dog

snoops dream strain

If you are looking for celebrity cannabis strains, Snoop Dog is one of the most popular advocates. Snoop’s Dream strain is one of the most popular hybrid strains with THC content ranging between 18% to 25%. It’s a rare strain with 50% of Indica and 50% of Sativa in it. Just the singer, the strain too is unique with special qualities that make it a popular strain to have in your collection.

A cross between Master Kush and Blue Dream, the Snoop’s Dream is a highly potent strain and lives up to its reputation. Even though it’s a 50-50 hybrid strain, it heavily leans towards Indica. Its drowsy effects are strangely relaxing to the body and mind.

If you are a fan of Snoop Dog and want to try something powerful and unique, Snoop’s Dream strain could be your thing. But before that, you need to know all the details so that you can enjoy it even more.

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Visually Attractive, and Unique Like Its Namesake

Just like Snoop Dog, Snoop’s Dream is unique in many ways. The first thing you are going to notice is the striking colors. It is a visually arresting flower with a densely formed flower. It comes in medium to large sizes and has beautiful curly leaves in forest green color. The hairy orange pistils make it such a visual treat. You might find them in other colors like purples. The reason for this color variation is due to the pigments called anthocyanins. The change in color happens when the chlorophyll level drops due to cold weather during the growing process. The white trichomes add a finishing touch to this beautifully created strain.

A Unique Blend of Different Flavors & Aromas

Snoop’s Dream strain comes with a wide-ranging aroma and flavors. Flavors include Berry, Blueberry, Buttery, Pine, Sugary, Sweet, Vanilla, and Woody. Its Blue Dream part gives it a fruity aroma. Use a vape or pipe to smoke this strain and don’t be surprised by its cough-inducing smoke. When burnt and inhaled, it may taste bitter. But on exhale, you will be rewarded with the sweet taste of fruit and pine.

What Does It Feel Like?

The most important feature of any weed strain is what it makes you feel. Snoop’s Dream offers a slow but steady effect. The high will start slow then take you to the peak and finally calm your senses. In the end, you will super relaxed and happy. Your muscles will be relaxed but your mind will be active for any creative endeavor. You will be able to make easy conversation and socialize. Take this strain if you want to feel super relaxed, happy and enjoy an uplifting feeling for a while. It offers a combination of mind-body relaxation without making you dull or too lazy to work. Although, a heavy workload is not recommended under the influence of Snoop’s Dream.

Medical Benefits of Snoop’s Dream

The last thing anyone will expect from Snoop Dog’s strain is medical benefits. But you will be surprised to know that the strain does offer a wide range of medical benefits. Remember that it has Indica effects in it.

  • It works for pains and aches. If you have chronic pains, this strain might help you numb them.
  • If you have psychological conditions like stress, depression, anxiety, and PTSD then this strain is perfect.
  • If you suffer from insomnia, Snoop’s Dream in high doses can bring you sweet dreams and relaxing sleep.
  • It is also good for fighting fatigue and laziness. It will keep you active and relaxed at the same time.
  • Dry eyes and dry mouth are some of the side effects of this strain. It’s a very common symptom.

 Is it For Beginners?

It is a strong strain despite its relaxing effects. Beginners may need to work up to this strain. Try something less intense before moving to this one. It’s perfect for experienced users. Its high is very intoxicating. If you want to spend your evening or night in a state of deep relaxation without the couch-arrest effect, this strain is perfect. A combination of mental and physical relaxation makes it a great option. If you handle the high then go for it.

Where to Get Snoop’s Dream

Look up online and you will find plenty of places to buy it including Budget Greens. We have this strain for you and you can get it at a great price. Buying weed online is one of the best ways to get high-quality weed. You will have more options and better quality weed products. Always buy from a trusted dealer. Make sure that the products are lab-tested and or of high quality. Read reviews and do some research before buying a product. This will help you find the best strain for your needs.

The Bottom Line

Snoop’s Dream is an excellent choice for anyone who is a fan of Snoop Dogg and wants something unique. This strain is both relaxing and enjoyable. Its potent high is ideal for experienced users but beginners can work up to it. It is a visually attractive strain and has a sweet aroma and flavor. You can use it for mental relaxation and pain relief benefits. It is best used late afternoon, evening, and night.

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